V-Twin: Wanker

V-Twin: Wanker

For lovers of arranged rum, here is the Wanker. an e-liquid with a delicious aroma of natural rum with Bourbon vanilla and a cereal base.

A gourmand that vapes both in tight and aerial draws.

To know the dosage of nicotine that will suit you best, refer to our page on the nicotine dosage.

Attention, Alan BlaKrow, the Swiss juice maker has designed its range V-Twin like a perfumer passionate about taste. It is ideal for all types of vapers, covering both gourmet e-liquids and fruits. His original recipes will surprise you and leave you with only one desire: to discover his whole universe!

The Wanker e-liquid is a gourmet drink type recipe of rum arranged and of vanilla crispy (cereal). A sweet mix for the greediest vapers!

75ml unicorn bottle with 50ml liquid in boosted flavors inside. To be diluted with nicotine salt or nicotine.
PG/VG ratio: 50/50.

Made in Switzerland.

From CHF 22.90


La Fabrick
Avenue des Alpes 23

120 Montreux
+4179 171 9898