Ted Wilson Classic Kentucky

Ted Wilson Classic Kentucky

50ml, 50 PG – 50 GV, classic blond, Nuts, Vanilla, Gourmet, Made in Switzerland.

Alan BlaKrow, the Swiss juice maker does it again with this new vision of tobacco in e-liquid. Head to America with the range Ted Wilson ! Vape shortfills 50 ml e-liquids with a classic American flavor with a pronounced and fragrant taste with a good dose of gluttony. Perfect for beginner vapers who want to keep the taste of tobacco while taking care of their lungs!

Travel through Kentucky in the USA with the Classic Kentucky e-liquid! Inside hides the blond tobacco Kentucky type with some nuts and of vanilla. A sweet and dry classic!

75ml unicorn bottle with 50ml liquid in boosted flavors inside. To be diluted with nicotine or nicotine salt.

Made in Switzerland.

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