RATED X Strawberry Guava

RATED X Strawberry Guava

50ml, 50 PG – 50 GV, Fruity, Strawberry, Guava, Made in Switzerland.

Alan BlaKrow, the Swiss juice maker arrives with a new range of fruity or mint e-liquids: Rated X. No fuss with Rated X who decides to focus on authenticity first!

Strawberry Guava e-liquid is a fruity recipe based on Strawberry and of guava sweet. Perfect for all lovers of this semi-exotic combination!

75ml unicorn bottle with 50ml of liquid slightly overdosed in aromas. To be diluted with nicotine or nicotine salt.

Made in Switzerland.

From CHF 22.90


La Fabrick
Avenue des Alpes 23

120 Montreux
+4179 171 9898