Elfa Pod + Cartridges


Elfa Pod + Cartridges

20 mg, Refillable Pod, Large choice of flavours, Simple to use

You are familiar with Disposable Vape Pens or are you looking for simplicity ? Discover the Kit Pod Elfa!

Take advantage of our ELFA + Cartridge kit for a reduced price!

Similar in its use with a MTL tight draw and visually to disposable vapes elf-bar, this little nugget light and easy to carry actually contains a refillable pod associated with a prefilled sealed cartridge of 2 ml that can be changed according to your desires. Its battery of 500mAh (approximately 600 puffs) recharges in just 30 minutes with a USB-C cable (Undelivered) to never let you down.

In addition to cartridge Elfa Blue Razz Lemonade (lemonade, raspberry and lime flavors) included in your kit, you can find a range of flavors in version nicotine salts 20mg/ml (sold with this kit by pack of 2 Elfa sealed cartridges).

In addition to its advantage ecological compared to disposable vapes, it is also your ally economic with its cartridges sealed 2 times less expensive than a classic disposable Vape Pen.

The opportunity to indulge yourself twice!

Sold in packs of 2

CHF 18.90

From CHF 8.90
From CHF 11.90

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